International Seminar of Biotechnology

The biotechnology industry has shown exponential growth in recent years, as reflected by its increased use in many different sectors, including one with enormous room for expansion: the plastics industry. In fact, the biotechnology industry’s innovative solutions include recovering organic and synthetic waste for transformation into new sustainable raw materials, thus promoting the implementation of a truly circular economy.

The seminar will address the challenges and opportunities offered by biotechnology in the plastics sector in terms of waste management and treatment methods, as well as trends and initiatives being implemented internationally to achieve the goals set by the European Union.


Why you should attend?


This unique seminar focuses on biotechnology applied specifically to the plastics industry. There is no other event like it.


The programme will feature renowned speakers on the subject. They will discuss the main discoveries in research, development, innovation and global solutions for the entire value chain: raw material manufacturers, processing companies, machinery manufacturers, waste managers and recyclers.


Attending the event will provide plenty of networking opportunities, which can be further enhanced by attending as a sponsor.

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Block 1

Plastics and the bioeconomy

A global vision of the circular economy and bioeconomy strategies and their relationship with bio-based plastics. Representatives of the public administration and business associations in the industry.

Block 2

Use of organic waste

Technologies and processes that help recover different types of organic waste to produce  monomers with a great interest in plastic industry.

Block 3

Recovery of synthetic plastics using biotechnological processes

Solutions for fossil-based plastics through the use of biological processes. Obtaining bacteria that can degrade these plastics and establishing possible uses.

Block 4

Enzymatic processes in the plastic industry.

Solutions in synthesis and recycling application mediated by enzyme technology making these processes more sustainable.

Block 5

Valorisation of emissions produced in the plastics industry.

Technology and biotechnological processes that make use of other emissions associated with the plastics industry to obtain products of interest.

Block 6

Success stories

Examples of biotechnological processes implemented in the industry that have had a positive impact on companies and society.



Call for speakers

If you would like to participate as a speaker, please send us the title and a brief description of your proposal. The deadline is 15 November 2021.

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Poster session

One of the scheduled activities is a Poster Session on research and development (R&D) projects developed in the last three years on any of the conference topics.

Proposals must be received by the deadline (10 February 2022) and include the following:

Your proposal will be reviewed by the organization and, when approved, you will be sent a template to lay out the digital poster and then send it in PowerPoint or PDF format before 15 February 2022.

The cost is the same as the general entry fee. Only one poster per registration is allowed.

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The seminar, with its hybrid online-offline format, will take place in the city of Valencia.

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